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Easter Basket Goodies that Aren't Candy

Easter is rapidly approaching and that means it's time to think of ideas for the kids' baskets. Now, I already know my Father-in-law is going to give my my children literal BUCKETS full of candy. And I'm not really complaining because he gets me and Layne each a bag, too. :D But that also means we will be fully stocked on chocolates. Of course, the Easter bunny will still bring them some special candies, but I love the idea of adding some non-candy items in as well. This is a good opportunity to get some things that we would need for the coming season anyway. Here's a of non-candy items for the basket that I hope will help you as well. (Just a note, I included a few links just to make shopping easier for you, I don't make any commission, etc off of these links or anything you might purchase.)

Fishing Gear

Spring and Summer are fishing season right? Fishing pole, tackle box, hooks and bobbers, minnow trap, and even a fishing license are all great things to add to the Easter baskets. The girls have upgraded from the Barbie fishing poles, but they still love the pink tackle box.

Sports Gear

Rid just started soccer. Softball starts in 2 weeks, and gymnastics is on-going. Needless to say, sports gear of some type is always a necessity. Soccer ball, collapsible soccer goal, new softball glove, or even the Little Tikes T-ball set would be both useful and practical.

Water Toys

Living right next to a river, we love being on the water. A couple years ago the Easter bunny brought the girls' new life jackets. Swimsuits, sprinkler, sunglasses, even water park tickets are all big hits with my kids.

Yard Activities

Getting the kids out of the house is a struggle sometimes, having some simple yard toys has made it a lot easier. Sidewalk chalk, bubble machine, kite, sandbox toys, binoculars, and the velcro catch game are inexpensive, small in size, and great for keeping their bodies moving and their minds creative.


Surely you knew I wasn't going to do this post without including some gardening gifts! Letting kids get their hands dirty and learn about how plants grow is a fundamental life lesson. The Stanley Jr tool sets are some of our favorite things. They are well-built, but still reasonably priced. And add a few small planter pots, some potting soil, and a few packets of seeds - you're set! Some easy to grow flowers and vegetables are sunflowers, zinnias, tomatoes, peppers, and, if you have to space, green beans. I always think it's fun to get unique varieties like lemon boy tomatoes, teddy bear sunflowers, and purple podded beans to pique their curiosity.

Well I hope this list was helpful to you! I am looking forward to dying eggs and hunting for them on Easter. I sure enjoy experiencing holidays through my children's eyes. Let me know if any of the things on the list stuck out to you!

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