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Everything you need to know about Wreath Workshops '22!

Wanting to get in on this year's wreath workshops? Here's all the behind the scenes details so you are prepared when workshops go live in a few weeks.

Okay, so first of all, what are wreath workshops? Picture this: you and your best girlfriends show up to our venue packing nothing more than your holiday spirit. You walk inside and are met with the aroma of fresh cut evergreens and the sound of Vince Vance and the Valiants' "All I Want for Christmas is You" playing in the background. I've got all the tools and supplies ready for you and we spend the next 90 minutes creating your masterpiece! You do have 2 tough decisions to make though - 1) which color ribbon you want and 2) hot cocoa or egg nog?!

If you attended workshops last year, you'll remember they were held in our milk house turn flower shop. And, let me just thank you trusting me! But this year, we are moving into a bigger space. All of our workshops will be held at the Art House Creative Collective in Linn, Missouri. This new location is also within walking distance to some excellent eateries and would make for the perfect day out!

The workshops will be held the weekends before and after Thanksgiving (Nov 18-20 and Nov 25-27) with several different sessions. The schedule will be released October 17th and tickets won't go on sale until the end of that week - so you'll have plenty of time to coordinate your schedules with your mom, your sister, heck, your whole girl gang!

Wreath Workshops will include all the tools, supplies, and evergreens you need to make an approximately 24" wreath. Also included is a ribbon of your choosing and, if you'd like, some pinecones to adorn your wreath. With a little bit of TLC, your wreath will last through the holidays and into the new year!

And lastly, can't make a workshop work with your holiday schedule? I understand, it's a busy time! But that doesn't mean you can't be part of Wreath Season 22! A new addition to our line-up... Wreath Kits! Packaged up for you are all the supplies, evergreens, and ribbon, along with a link to the instructional video which will walk you through the steps to complete the wreath from the comfort of your own home!

Imagine this, you put the kids to bed early, pour yourself a glass of wine and spend the next hour being crafty in your pjs!

Wreath Kits will only be available for pick-up (no shipping - yet!) and they go on sale the same day and time as the Wreath Workshops.

I hope this gives you all the information you need to help make your plans for Wreath Season 22! I'll be going over this again during Wreath Week - October 17th-21st over on Facebook and Instagram.

And lastly, email subscribers always get first notification when wreath workshops go on sale - so join the list today! I can't wait to make wreaths with you all, I hope this becomes one of those fun holiday traditions like baking cookies and Christmas parades!

Sincerely, Megan

This blog post was written in participation of a Blogging Bee - an online gathering reminiscent of the quilting bees and sewing bees of days past when women would bring their work together to create art. If you enjoyed this post with the theme "More About...” take a look at these posts from other farmers, small business owners, homesteaders, and creatives.

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